In working with Paul Montag, if I summarized my experience with Paul in two words, it would be: professional and responsive. Paul is very even keeled and brings a sense of calmness and civility to the architectural and construction process. Although involved with our construction project from its initial kick-off, Paul actually assumed the architectural management component of our project while it was well underway. Paul's assumption and management of the project was seamless and this provided immense relief and value to our hospital. I am whole-heartedly recommending Paul Montag's architectural services to any prospective clients, especially in the highly specialized area of healthcare facilities' construction.
Patrick Peters, Administrator, Guthrie County Hospital

An excerpt from letter of recognition:

As you well know, Paul spent some time here in Baltimore helping us out on the Watermark Condominium project. He did a superb job. It is to my great regret that I couldn't find a way to keep him here for the duration of our contract.

Paul came in and picked up what can only be described as a disaster and made it work. The project was one of those thankless tasks that involve going in behind someone else's work and trying to correct all the mistakes - mistakes that resulted from the prior architectural firm's apparent inability to develop a set of construction documents that could be used for the intended purpose. Anyone who worked on the project knows how impossibly complex and outrageous the problems were.

Paul performed within the context of an unreasonable schedule, a disillusioned client, a contractor who had lost all faith in architects in general, and a group of less than always cooperative consultants...

...Paul was the consummate professional throughout it all, even when the strain was obvious. Everything he did was right on the money and absolutely accurate and reliable. He created the basis from which the rest of the job could go together. HLM is indeed fortunate to have someone of his calibre on it's team. I would like to recommend that Paul be recognized in some way for his outstanding service and dedication. I, for one, am proud to be associated with him and will gladly welcome him back to Baltimore whenever I can find an excuse to bring him back.
Stuart D Wolfrey, Director, Baltimore Office, HLM
Paul has an attentive nature to detail, formulating a natural flow of essential senior design processes improving upon resident safety and owner satisfaction. Over the life of his architectural career, Paul has acquired a vast amount of knowledge and experience that would definitely benefit any facility wishing to expand senior living services. Paul is an experienced and trusted advisor, providing excellent, cost-effective solutions to the most demanding budget and a joy to work with on any project.
Delbert Stevens, AIA, President, Vermillion Design Group
We recently worked with Paul on a project and really liked his approach to problem solving. We always absolutely knew what he was thinking and where he was coming from and going with his ideas and designs. He kept on top of things and was excellent at initiating follow up.
David Heusinkveld, Administrator, Pleasantview Home, Kalona, IA
It was a pleasure to work with Paul. He is meticulous and dedicated, very creative and his design ideas were the perfect solution. We have complete confidence and trust in his expertise and knowledge of architecture.
Ernie Karas, Residential Client