Our Firm

Our Process

Measure twice, cut once. We believe in doing things the right way the first time. Getting a project designed and built is a process. This means that every project is approached in a careful and thorough manner.

Our process typically includes the following phases:

Inspection and Analysis
of existing buildings (for additions and remodels).
Consultation with owners and/or administrators to determine project goals. Define the required functions of the project and the estimated square footage.
Schematic Design
Develop study drawings and documents to illustrate the concepts of design.
Budget Analysis
Forecast construction costs based on analysis of materials and labor for all items of project work.
Design Development
Lay out the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, structural, and architectural details.
Construction Documents
Drawings created with greater detail that include specifications for construction materials.
Preparation of bid documents to go out to potential contractors for pricing. Bids are evaluated and the winning bid selected.
Construction Administration
Help the contractors build the project as specified in the construction documents as approved.
Post-Occupancy Evaluation
Obtain feedbak and evaluate the project/building performance.

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